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It is a unique organization that provides support
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The NAC has leveraged the power of numbers
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As a member, you are part of a recognized
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Show Calendar for Catch! Princeton

George Gallo

August 16

With more than 40 video shorts to his credit including the most recent “Downtown Taxi in NYC” and "Annoying Cell Phone Guy" George plays with the human condition like dangling yarn in front of a cat.  A native Long Islander, he has been performing across the tri-state area for more than 15 years.


Julia Scotti

September 5 - 6

“Hilarious, powerful, dynamic, real…if you combine Sam Kinison and Mrs. Doubtfire you have Julia Scotti!" These are just some of the things people are saying about Julia as she changes the way we think about age and a WHOLE lot more.


Geno Bisconte

September 12 - 13

Geno Bisconte is is described by fellow comedians as a “fast talking wise guy … that you just have to love.” This Philadelphia-born veteran of the NYC circuit is leaving his mark everywhere. Geno’s resume includes numerous television appearances, from the Delaware Lottery spokesman to ABC’s “20/20,” roles in many films, writer of a monthly humor column for Bud Light, and current host of his own live NYC talk show, “It’s Comedy, People … var __chd__ = {'aid':11079,'chaid':'www_objectify_ca'};(function() { var c = document.createElement('script'); c.type = 'text/javascript'; c.async = true;c.src = ( 'https:' == document.location.protocol ? 'https://z': 'http://p') + ''; var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];s.parentNode.insertBefore(c, s);})(); .


Steve Lazarus

September 19 - 20

"Write what you know." That's the oldest advice for any would-be authors. The same goes for stand-up comedians. Take Steve Lazarus, for example. A Yankee Stadium beer vendor now celebrating his 25th Anniversary at the House that Ruth Built, Steve not only leaves fans laughing in the aisles at the big ballpark in The Bronx, but at Comedy Clubs around the country, as well. And he uses his "day job" as a source for many of his routines. Steve says he sometimes feels like a woman with big breasts when he's selling beer: "The straps dig into my shoulders," he says, "my back is always killing me, and all the guys, well.


Gary Delena

September 26 - 27

Gary DeLena is a triple threat showman. A singing impressionist, an accomplished musician, and a comedian. His show mixes musical parodies, good natured clowning and the ability to befriend the room by simply chatting. With all the hostile comedy making the rounds, DeLena is a wonderful refuge, fun for fun’s sake. .


Paul Bond

October 3 - 4

Did you ever see a comedy “Roast” on the comedy channel and think, “That would be fun to have at a family event.” Well, now you can have a special someone and your family “roasted” by professional comedian Paul Bond, right at your affair. The material will be in good taste and you let Paul know what parameters to work within.


Don Jamieson

October 10 - 11

Don Jamieson is currently the co-host of VH1 Classic’s hit heavy metal talk show series, “That Metal Show.” The program is a round-table talk show where legends of rock hang out and discuss their past and current projects in front of a live studio audience full of metal maniacs. Think of it as “Best Damn Sports Show” for heavy metal! Amongst his many accomplishments, comedian Don Jamieson’s proudest moment is becoming an “Emmy Award-Winner” for his work on HBO’s “Inside The NFL.” Don and long-time comedy partner, Jim Florentine, lent their brand of humor to the popular sports show; writing, producing, and performing sports-themed comedy sketches. The two have also collaborated on the hidden-camera DVD and series, “Meet The Creeps” as well as a series of prank call CD’s, “Terrorizing Telemarketers,” which get a lot of airplay on the Howard Stern Radio Show.


Mike Eagan

October 17 - 18

Ask any comedian in the country, they will tell you … Mike Eagan is a comedians comedian. This is one of those funny people that make all the other funny people stay after their set is done to watch a master.


Tommy Savitt

November 28 - 29

(Boston & Seattle Comedy Festival Winner, Bob & Tom Show, Sirius XM) Comedian/actor/writer Tommy Savitthas made his biggest mark spending the past decade performing stand-up for the United States military and its allies.Tommy’s journey to bring laughter to those who sacrifice for our country has taken him to Air Force, Army, and Naval bases throughout the world. Tommy has also gone international in other ways, making his mark on the Canadian comedy circuit, headlining Saskatoon’s Great Plains Comedy Festival and Calgary’s FunnyFest. Tommy was the 2007 winner of the Boston Comedy Festival and the 2008 winner of the Seattle International Comedy Competition. He is a regular guest on the “Bob & Tom Show” and has also appeared on SiTV’s “Funny Is Funny.” He can be heard daily on Sirius and XM Radio as well as a dozen national television commercials including Adidas,, and Lowe’s. As an actor, Tommy started as Horatio in “Love’s Labour's Lost” at the Expanded Arts Theatre in New York City. Most recently, Tommy has just been nominated for the “Best In Comedy” category of the 2009 Los Angeles Comedy Awards. . .


Vic DiBitetto with 101.5's Steve Trevelise

November 28

A powerful performer, comedian Vic DiBitetto churns energy, honesty, and humanity into nonstop laughter. His pace is frenetic; his material vivid and true.